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Coding Diaries mit Sohaib | Web Development

Coding Diaries mit Sohaib | Web Development

03.09.2019 Christine Schlütz

Who are you and what's your working day like?

Hi! My name is Sohaib and I am a Business Development Expert. I set plans and strategies for companies and helping to achieve them.

Can you tell us more about your job?

I'm a Business-Developer and a Life-Coach, I used to work in top management helping increase profitability and reducing costs. I work currently as an International Sales Manager in a local company. I also offer Coaching and Life Consulting support for people who apply through my platform (

How did you come to attend a programming course?

Learning how to program was my dream when I was a kid, but I didn't have the chance to learn or practice it. Latelty, I have been working with an IT related business and I always wanted to understand the data and programming in details, or in another words "what is really happening behind the screen".

What challenges do you face in your daily work that you could solve with digital skills?

Challenges such as understanding several technical issues and how software is running in the background. With digital skills I will be able to explain products better to customers.

What expectations do you have of the course and what are your goals with the acquisition of coding skills?

I expect to learn how to build and design a website and how to create web applications. That would help me a lot maintaining my goal of an own platform and understanding my job in a better way.

Do you think that coding skills make sense for everyone and are becoming more and more important in everyday work?

I believe that evey person who is using a computer, tablet or even a smartphone, should give it a try to learn and understand coding. I believe that coding is the "new english". ;)

Thank you, Sohaib! We are excited to follow your journey from now on! :)

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